Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Have your wisdom teeth come in yet? If you’re a young teen, odds are they haven’t. That’s because wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in, usually when someone is between 17 and 21 years of age. They grow in the very back of the mouth—two on the top and two on the bottom. For many teenagers and young adults, these teeth will need to be removed. That’s because they can crowd nearby teeth and be hard to clean, leading to gum disease and infection. For some individuals, wisdom teeth may not grow in properly and can become trapped within the jaw, which can cause problems for other teeth roots and bone support. However, there are certainly cases in which wisdom teeth do not need to be removed, such as:

  • The wisdom teeth are fully grown in and not crowding other teeth.
  • The wisdom teeth are healthy and easy to clean and floss.
  • The wisdom teeth are correctly positioned in the jaw and you can bite down properly with them.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Tampa Surgical Arts

If your wisdom teeth do not meet the above criteria and you’ve been told by your dentist that it’s time to have them removed, come to Tampa Surgical Arts for wisdom teeth removal. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Manik S. Bedi, is a skilled specialist who offers opioid-free wisdom teeth removal and always practices compassionate, individualized care with his clients.

To schedule a consultation for wisdom teeth removal, contact Tampa Surgical Arts today. Our clinic is located in Odessa, FL, and we serve residents throughout the Tampa Bay area.