How to Have an Easy Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Breast AugmentationIf you’ve been considering breast augmentation, you’re not alone. In fact, this procedure led the way among cosmetic surgeries in 2018, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, breast augmentation has a fairly lengthy recovery period when compared to other cosmetic procedures. Although every patient is different and every recovery period unique, it is generally considered that full recovery takes about six weeks.

While that may seem like a long time to spend recuperating at home, the good news is, most patients can generally resume normal activities in a week or so. (Refraining from heavy lifting and strenuous activities like running is, of course, required until you are fully recovered and have received clearance from your surgeon.) Plus, there are many ways to make that recovery time easier:

Invest in a Few Recovery Bras

A recovery bra is specially designed to help with the soreness and swelling that accompanies breast augmentation. They provide mild compression, increased circulation, and better stability to maximize your comfort during the recovery phase.

Have Meals Ready

Going grocery shopping or making a complex recipe will be the last things you want to do after your surgery. So, make sure you have healthy meals on hand that can be easily heated up as well as plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Fill Prescriptions Ahead of Time

If you can, fill and pick up any prescriptions you need before the surgery so you don’t have to worry about rushing out to the pharmacy when the pain is at its worst.

Have Assistance

Make a plan with your partner, a family member, or a friend to provide assistance in the first few weeks following the surgery. This is especially necessary if you have young children since you won’t be able to lift them until you have fully recovered.

Breast Augmentation at Tampa Surgical Arts

At Tampa Surgical Arts, we’re proud to offer breast augmentation from our renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Manik S. Bedi. He is triple board certified and highly experienced in cosmetic surgery, and you can count on receiving top-notch care from him and his team. All of our clients receive thorough treatment packets that detail what to expect during the recovery period, and we will also walk you through the entire process and encourage you to ask questions – especially about ways to have an easier recovery.

To learn more about the breast augmentation procedures we complete for our clients, contact Tampa Surgical Arts today.