What Is the Recovery Process Like for a Neck Lift?

Neck LiftDo you know where on the body we start to show signs of aging first? You may think it’s the face, but in reality, it’s the neck. From vertical bands and horizontal creases to sagging skin resulting in jowls, the neck provides telltale signs that we are aging. The good news is, a neck lift can eliminate all of these signs and refine the contours of your neck in a natural-looking way.

A neck lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that requires anesthesia. It also involves incisions, sutures, and the repositioning of tissue in your neck, so there is a recovery process to be aware of. If you choose to have the surgery, you’ll want to make sure you have someone around to help you in the days following the neck lift, as you may be groggy from the anesthesia and sore around your surgical site.

After surgery, you’ll be given an elastic garment to wear around your head and under your chin. It’s important to keep this garment on for the first day, but after that, you only need to wear it at night for two weeks. And, as with any surgical procedure, you’ll experience some discomfort in the days and weeks following the neck lift. Expect bruising, swelling, and mild-to-moderate pain; all symptoms should resolve within 10 days.

Neck Lifts at Tampa Surgical Arts

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