Jaw Surgery for Teens in the Tampa Bay Area

Jaw surgery refers to a collection of surgical procedures that corrects irregularities in the jaw bone. These procedures are often completed as part of an orthodontic treatment plan for teenagers, although they can also be completed for older adults if necessary. Tampa Surgical Arts in Odessa, Florida, offers jaw surgery for teenagers and adults throughout the Tampa Bay area, and we’ll be glad to discuss the treatment you need and how we can help. You’ll be seen by our triple-board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Manik S. Bedi, who always practices compassionate, individualized care with his patients.

What Are the Different Types of Jaw Surgery?

Jaw surgery, also called orthognathic surgery, can correct a wide range of jaw bone irregularities, including:

  • Open bites – Having a space between the top and bottom teeth when biting down is called an open bite. It’s due to an abnormally shaped upper jaw bone, which Dr. Bedi can fix by removing a wedge of the upper jaw bone and repositioning the jaw.
  • Overbites – Also known as a receding lower jaw, this condition arises when the lower jaw doesn’t align with the upper jaw. Dr. Bedi will make incisions along the jaw bone near the back molars and then bring the lower jaw into alignment.
  • Underbites – Also known as a protruding lower jaw, this condition occurs when the lower jaw extends too far from the upper jaw. Dr. Bedi will separate the lower jaw bone by cutting down the bone near the back molars, and then remove or modify the bone to properly align the jaw.
  • Gummy smiles – Showing too much gum tissue when you smile can require jaw surgery. That’s because a gummy smile is due to a recessed upper jaw bone, so Dr. Bedi will separate the upper jaw bone from the cheekbone and extend it forward.
  • Deficient chins – A deficient chin is usually due to a recessed lower jaw, and it’s something we can correct, although it’s not medically necessary. Dr. Bedi will reposition the front region of the lower jaw to improve your facial contours.

Is Jaw Surgery Necessary?

You might think that jaw surgery is more of a cosmetic procedure, something that will improve the symmetry of your face and allow you to have more self-confidence. That is certainly a benefit of these procedures! But jaw surgery can also help to mitigate many different chronic conditions that can result from an unaligned jaw. For example, without jaw surgery, you could develop TMJ disorder, a painful condition characterized by jaw tenderness and facial pain. Or you may end up dealing with chronic jaw stiffness or headaches that could affect your quality of life. The bottom line is, if your orthodontist recommends jaw surgery, it’s a good idea to listen to him or her.

What to Expect From Jaw Surgery

Dr. Bedi and his team will collaborate closely with your orthodontist to ensure we complete the jaw surgery at the ideal time in your orthodontic process. You have likely worn braces for months before you see Dr. Bedi, and you’ll need to continue wearing braces afterward to ensure your jaw and teeth are properly aligned.

The surgery will take place in a hospital setting, and you should plan to spend up to three days there recuperating after the procedure. In certain situations, the procedure can be performed in our accredited private surgery center and you can go home the same day. After that, you’ll meet with Dr. Bedi weekly to check on your progress and make sure your jaw is healing appropriately. There is a two-month healing period in which you’ll need to be careful with chewing, drinking from straws, and other jaw activities, but you should begin to see improved results after the swelling subsides.

Jaw Surgery at Tampa Surgical Arts

If your orthodontist has recommended jaw surgery, contact Tampa Surgical Arts today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bedi. We also welcome men and women who have grown tired of dealing with jaw pain due to a misaligned jaw bone. Our clinic is located in Odessa, FL, and we serve residents throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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