Is Vaser Lipo Better Than Smart Lipo?

It’s a sad reality for many of us, but diet and exercise alone can only take us so far. If you’ve been eating well and exercising regularly for a while now and can’t seem to get rid of your love handles or jiggly arms, you may want to consider a liposuction procedure, such as VASERlipo® or SmartLipo®. Both of these lipo procedures differ from traditional liposuction in that they are much less invasive and require shorter recovery times. Plus, there’s no risk of nerve damage or infection. But which type is best? Does one reign supreme over the other?

Why Vaser Lipo Is Best

Here at Tampa Surgical Arts, we believe that Vaser lipo is the best option for our patients. Vaser lipo uses an ultrasound probe to emulsify fatty tissue, which keeps the surrounding tissue and blood vessels intact. Smart lipo, on the other hand, uses laser frequencies from cannulas, which can harm nearby blood vessels and nerve tissue, requiring a longer recovery period.

When compared to smart lipo, Vaser lipo is also more aggressive at the emulsification process—that is, turning fatty tissue into liquid and suctioning it out of the body. This allows us to better sculpt the body into its ideal contour, providing much more stunning results. Plus, Vaser lipo works on both large and small areas of the body, including areas of dense tissue that smart lipo can’t often treat. Vaser lipo can also can be combined with J-Plasma to perform “high-definition” or “4-D” liposculpture.

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At Tampa Surgical Arts, our renowned cosmetic surgeon offers Vaser lipo for our patients in the Tampa Bay area. This minimally invasive procedure can help you unleash your beauty and have the body you’ve been dreaming of. Schedule a consultation today!